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All prices subject to change based on manufacturers cost or in accordance with market conditions.

1. Binding Order
Upon payment of an invoice or the placing of a purchase order by the Preferred Alliance Group Systems Limited, ("PAG") Canada with the supplier of designated goods and/or services.

2. Acceptance
Customer must inspect the Goods and notify PAG in writing seven (7) days after receipt of any shortages, defects or nonconformities. Thereafter, all Goods are deemed accepted by Customer, and Customer's right to reject the Goods shall terminate.

3. Minor Variations Allowed
Goods shall not be considered nonconforming because of minor variations in tolerances, dimensions, weights, colours or quantities, which are customary in the trade.

4. Payment & Contract Price
Payment shall be made by Customer to PAG as follows: prepayment required by cheque or credit card prior to order process, unless otherwise agreed by PAG. The contract price for carpet, wallcovering, fabric, printing and any other products of its nature is subject to a ten percent (10%) variance due to possible supplier quantity under runs and overruns.

5. Taxes
Customer agrees to pay applicable sales, excise or similar taxes, which may be applicable to this transaction. If additional taxes are levied in connection with this transaction, Customer agrees to promptly pay them or reimburse PAG, if PAG has paid them.

6. Warranties and Liability
Customer understands and acknowledges that PAG is not the supplier of the Goods, and that the Customer must look to the manufacturer or supplier for any warranty with respect to them. PAG hereby assigns to Customer, to enforce on its own behalf, any warranty made by the manufacturer or supplier of the Goods. PAG makes no warranty whatsoever, express or implied, with respect to the Goods, including without limitation, any warranty pertaining to the design or condition of the Goods, their merchantability, their fitness for any particular purpose, or their conformance to the specifications of this order. PAG shall not be liable for direct, special, indirect, incidental, consequential or exemplary damages, including, but not limited to, lost profits or revenues as a result of any defect in the Goods. Notwithstanding the above, PAG liability for damages hereunder shall in no event exceed the amount previously paid by Customer to PAG for the affected Goods under this Order. Customer shall indemnify and hold PAG harmless against any claim, loss, liability or expense caused in whole or in part by Customer's use, misuse, abuse, failure to properly install, clean, service or maintain the Goods.

7. Risk of Loss & Damage or Filing of Damage Claims
Upon delivery of the Goods to a carrier, risk of loss, damage or destruction of the Goods shall pass to Customer, unless otherwise agreed. Refer to Freight Loss and Damage Procedures on the previous page.

8. Delivery Schedules
Customer understands and acknowledges that delivery schedules are under the control of the supplier and not PAG. Any delivery dates or times given by PAG to Customer are estimates and based upon information provided by the supplier.

9. Returns
Custom manufactured Goods are not returnable. Customer may return other Goods only with the written consent of PAG. Goods which are accepted for return may be subject to restocking or other charges established by the supplier, which shall be payable by Customer upon the return of the Goods.